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Karnov Group (tidl. Thomson Reuters)   

Iterativ har med Kim Christensen været primær udvikler på licens administrations systemet. Dette system er integreret til virksomhedens økonomisystem, CRM-system og online-systemer. Til dette er brugt Oracles platform.

Derudover har iterativ været udvikler for dele af Karnov Groups online applikationer.

Iterativ har i perioden fra og med november 2007 til og med marts 2012 leveret konsulenter og dermed været en del af Karnov Groups udviklingsteam til disse løsninger.

Roel M. Roque, tidligere CTO / Technology Director, Thomson Reuters Professional A/S udtaler:

"It gives me great pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Kim Christensen. Kim has worked for me as an Oracle Applications Developer for the past two years. His responsibilities included the analysis, design, development, and implementation of business applications for Thomson Reuters in Scandinavia, based on Oracle. After one year onto his assignment with us, Kim has taken on the added responsibilities being the technical lead in the development and migration of our online license administration tool for Sweden.

Kim is a diligent, reliable and resourceful technical person. He easily comprehends complex concepts, and he is quickly able to identify issues and relate potential concerns before they may even appear. His analytical yet pragmatic approach to problem-solving makes him a tremendous asset to the team.

Kim is highly respected by his co-workers for his willingness to help anyone he can. He is steadfast and dependable, yet he remains open-minded. He has been instrumental in the leveraging our systems across Scandinavia.

Kim has done an excellent job and I believe that he will be an asset to any organization who may want to use his services. He has my utmost recommendation."

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